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Our First Halloween in the Apartment

It has been nearly a year since I moved into the Phoenixville apartments with my son, and we’re going to have our first Halloween here. At our old home, we would trick or treat by going around to the homes in the neighborhood, but it’s not quite the same in an apartment complex, because there are individual apartment doors as opposed to houses. The same concept applies, but the amount of space that is available for decorations is different. My son plans to make his own costume this year, rather than getting one from the party supply store.

Ever since a certain super hero movie came out this year, my son has been wanting to dress up as that hero for Halloween. He wanted to make the costume using a paper shopping bag, but I told him that it would be be better if we got some materials from the arts and crafts store and made something a little closer to how it looks on the movie screen, which made him even more excited. The trickiest part of making the costume is trying to get the outer layer of it to look like the actual metal suit that the hero wears in the movie.

We decided to use foam to construct the outer layer, and coated it with a special bonding agent that makes it smooth for painting. Then we covered the bonded foam with a spray paint and a glossy coat to make it stand out. It’s looks pretty accurate, and to finish off the look, I rigged up some lights and sounds that activate whenever my son holds his hands a certain way. As for my costume, I’ve chosen to go as one of the classic movie monsters. A little green paint, some neck bolts, a suit, and a box hair cut will make me look like the perfect Frankenstein monster. I hope the other apartment residents are ready to give us candy.