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Introduction to Stock Photography The Rising Need for Stock Photography Stock photos are available to anyone who might not have access to good equipment to shoot professional quality photos. We have felt the need to use stock photos to do company projects and school assignments many times in our lives. Many need stock photos to accomplish certain tasks in their various careers every single day. Stock photography gives us opportunities to use images at a low cost in place of hiring professional photographers or acquiring expensive equipment. Different professions need to access stock photos almost always. Ad agencies often require new stock images to remain ahead of their competition in the market. Stock media is available to any creative student who wants to keep his project relevant and up to date.
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There has been a growing interest in stock photography over the past 30 years.
6 Lessons Learned: Photos
Stock Photographs Cheaper There is a difference between shooting for an assignment and shooting for stock images. A photographer’s time, effort, and equipment is often paid upon delivery of the images in an assignment. Oftentimes, as part of an agreement, a paid photographer does not have the liberty to publish any of the photos taken in the shoot, and is obliged to give everything, e.g., SD cards and hard copies, over to the client. Normally, stock photographs are paid for when a client uses a stock photo. Architecture stock photos can be used over and over in various publications. Stock libraries are an excellent source of cheap stock pictures available to anybody. Images Can Sell More Than Once Like any other commodity in the market, a stock image can sell more than once. News agencies often use stock photos as space fillers, publishers use stock photos for news items, and artists use cheap stock pictures for their artworks. Life-span of Stock Images Depends on How Often Used The greater the need for the stock image, the longer will be its life span. Uniqueness, relevance, and excellent quality are three things that regular users of stock photography look for. Historical events become part of the archives of stock photography. Many other stock images simply become irrelevant as time passes by. File size is also an important consideration in stock photography. Build Up a Quality Stock Library The possibility of making an income out of stock photography increases when it is posted online. You will get a good gauge of what sells and what doesn’t when you start building up your stock library. Do not sacrifice on quality in striving to build up the volume of your stock library, because quality really matters.