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How Leadership Assessments Encourage Growth In The Workplace In every organization, one of the many important things that should be conducted on a regular basis are leadership assessments so that there can be an assurance that there is a continuing excellence when it comes to performance. Absence of such assessment may make the leaders continue to perform or operate in the same way they have always been doing since they started. With the situation that is happening in the business world nowadays, with all these situations new and old that are put and mixed altogether that make things more complex, what may have worked well in the past may not necessarily be applicable in this present time as a lot of innovations and developments happened. For an effective leadership assessment, there should be openness and mutual respect in the organization. There is a huge expectation from leaders that they should be the ones to take the lead in being open when it comes to taking in any feedback regarding their performance, may the feedback be good or bad. A positive feedback is good as it is an affirmation that the things that are being done or exercised should be kept. On the other hand, a negative feedback is more ideal because they can help identify what are the things that need change or improvement and this would also, in a way, facilitate growth. When leadership assessments are being conducted, do not limit yourself to saying if you like a leader or not. It is important that you say what areas of leadership you think need improvement or changes and what areas you think should be maintained and enhanced. If you think it is necessary that regular trainings that leaders should undergo for improvement, then you should voice it out.
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Also, it is important that the performance and the productivity be also looked at. It is important because the overall performance and productivity or an organization is basically, on the leader.
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While it is true that results are truly important, the working relationship also should be given utmost importance because the working relationship somehow affects the performance of each and everyone in the organization. When employees are motivated, and contented, then the leader will also have a good overall performance and that result to better working relationships, and then of course, better team output. Leadership assessments are usually led by upper management or the human resources but, there are also times when the lower level employees are also involved.