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Why Pop Culture Vinyl Toys are Popular

Pop culture toys are a recent craze that is hitting the mainstream. The pop line of vinyl figures is increasingly sweeping the collectible market. Manufacturers have taken these toys to the next level by using vinyl.

Pop vinyl toys have increasingly become popular in the last decade and are one of the best-selling products today. They are loved by small kids and adults alike. But what makes these toys so popular?

Pop vinyls are popular because of how they make people feel. Pops are memories of a favorite character, TV series, a movie or a comic. Therefore, they are considered emotional, positive, and can connect you to something you like. Another essential feature that appeals to many people is the minimalist head with a highly detailed body.
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Reputable collectible companies have depicted many different pop culture icons, fictional and real alike. The roster comprises many unique licenses from comic books, TV, video games, sports, movies and other pop culture things. From star wars to My Little Pony and others, you can find an excellent selection of pop vinyl and pop culture toys. With such a diversity, you are sure to find just about any toy you want. The fact that there is a figure for just about anything related to pop culture means they appeal to a variety of people with different interests. Additionally, the availability of a large variety makes pop vinyl figures are fun to collect.
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These figurines are affordable and accessible to many people. While some toys cost hundreds of dollars, these adorable figures will not empty your wallet if you buy one or two.

It is worth noting that all pop vinyl are released in collections. This appeals to collectors as many of them want the entire collection. Apart from being rare and valuable, these toys represent a section of pop culture history and thus, are a good way to keep track of passing trends.

Another reason pops culture toys are extremely popular is their unique style. Authentic and high-quality pop culture toys are truly unique. For instance, the height of all of Funko Pop culture toys is 3.5 inches. These figures have a big square-shaped head with rounded edges. They also feature black pupil-free eyes, small noses and no mouth.

A bid head and big expressive head are common features in young children and animals. After a while, people adapt to find those features cute and something to appreciate. People like pop vinyl toys because they are deemed to appeal to the cute factor. They are small in size and thus, easy to store a significant number of them without running out of space.